Here are some maps with bike routes of interest around New Orleans.
We recommend riding these routes during the daytime hours for viewing the colorful sights, and being within safer hours of travel. Enjoy the ride!

Algiers Bike Path

This route is from the river walk of the French Quarter to the ferry ride to Algiers Point. Once there, you can ride the bike path over to Gretna and return on the Gretna ferry back to the French Quarter.

Cemetery Cruise

This route takes you from the French Quarter uptown to the Garden District. Visit the Lafayette Cemetery for it's historic architecture. Check out shops and restaurants on Magazine St. & St. Charles Ave.

City Park Ride

This ride starts in the French Quarter all the way up Esplanade Ave. to City Park. Once there you can visit the New Orleans Museum of Art, or simply ride around the bayou and take in the scenic views.

Riding the Levy

This route starts in the French Quarter and takes you along the riverbank and beyond the tracks to a scenic view of the Mississippi.

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